What Our Customers Say About Bio Pro

Mr. Vesich was very knowledgable. He took the time to explain all of the test and what readings showed. He was not pushy and listened to my concerns and offered what he thought would help us. He was thorough and feedback was very quick. He called and went over results and then brought me a written copy of results and explained again. We were very pleased and I would recommend him if you have any concerns about mold or just allergy issues in your home.
Stephanie E

He was very professional, explained everything to me, completed what I needed and left me a good report.
Peggy B

He’s very thorough, he explained everything up front. He came to the house several times. He explained what all of the percentages were. He explained the mold in the house and what could be fixed. Very pleasant, very nice, very accommodating and on time.
Joy M

My mother-in-law was concerned about a black powder build-up on her ceiling near several of her A/C vents. I called Bio Pro Mold Inspections. They came out on the date and time we discussed and they preformed the necessary testing and inspections to address our concerns. Within a few short days they called and explained the results of the testing and emailed me a written report. What more can you ask for. I would recommend Bio Pro to anyone with these concerns. They know their business.
Darryl S

We had a slow pipe leak in a wall, which caused our floors to warp. After it all was repaired, we were concerned about undetected moisture and mold. We called Bio Pro and they came out the next day with all their gadgets. Very prompt and professional service! Nice people to deal with. Thanks Mr. A.J.
Champ P

I highly recommend this company. I like the concept of this business as we live in hot, humid, southern Louisiana and a service like this is definitively needed. I’ve known Anthony for a long time. He’s a good person, is prompt, offers good pricing, and great service.
John S