If you are like most homeowners, keeping your home clean and mold-free is probably two of your top concerns. Mold causes health problems and can do a lot of damage to your home, that is why it is important to identify it quickly and treat problematic areas. Here are 4 top tips to keep mold from invading your home.

Control home moisture

To control moisture in your home the humidity level should be kept under 60 percent. If you suspect leaks in your home, have the situation assessed and any wet materials dried and replaced if necessary. Mold usually begins to grow two days after a leakage problem begins, if you are not sure how long your problem has been in the home, it is important to get itassessed right away.

Keep surfaces disinfected and clean

Disinfect and keep surfaces prone to mold growth dry. Check the walls for unusual white, black or bluish patches.  If there is mold and it has spread to carpeting or other items, these items should be removed. Keep products on hand that remove mold stains and odors, there several products that are great to keep your environment healthy for you and your family. However, these products are only useful for minor problems.

Repair leaks right away

Mold grows fast and can trigger different types of health problems in individuals. Inspect your pipes and roof regularly for leaks. At the first sign of a leaking problem, have the area repaired and treated. Also, be sure to inspect HVAC units which should be unclogged and drained on a regular basis.

Hire a certified mold inspection and testing company

Open doors and windows often to encourage air flow throughout the home. Move furniture away from walls to encourage better ventilation. The better the air flow the least likely mold will grow. If you are unsure, call in the professionals to quickly identify the problem. To get help identifying your mold problem and improving your indoor air quality reach out to Bio Pro Mold Inspection and Testing.