You’re wondering why your home is lingering on the market. As a home seller, you think you’ve done everything to prepare your home to sell. You’ve made the necessary repairs, hired a great real estate agent, and tidied up. Lots of potential buyers have toured the house, however, you haven’t received any offers. Could a bad smell be what’s keeping your home from selling? Your home may have an odor even if you don’t smell anything. Here’s why and what to do about it.

Constant exposure to a foul odor lowers your sensitivity to the smell. Experts refer to this process as a type of sensory adaptation. Lay people call it nose blindness. Asking a trusted friend or relative who doesn’t live with you to take a whiff of your place may be the easiest way to learn if your home smells. If your loved one gives you the bad odor news, what you need to do depends on the type of odor present.

Pet Odors

Your pet should probably stay elsewhere until you sell the property. Thoroughly cleaning your home is your next step to rid it of pet odors. During the cleaning, you’ll want to give extra attention to areas that may have absorbed pet urine like carpets and upholstery. If the odor persists after cleaning, contacting a professional odor removal service is your best option.

A Musty Smell or Mold Odors

A musty smell is often an indication of the presence of mold. It thrives areas where there’s excessive moisture. Damp basements, poorly ventilated bathrooms, and leaky pipes in under sink cabinets provide the conditions for mold growth. Mold drives home buyers away. Many home buyers are familiar with the health issues associated with mold and will run from a home with a mold odor. Getting a professional mold inspection is the first step in identifying the source of the problem.

Professional Mold Services in Louisiana

Bio Pro Mold Inspection and Testing currently serves Houma, Morgan City, Thibodaux, Baton Rouge and New Orleans with mold inspection, mold testing, and odor removal services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to free your home of unwanted odors.