The first instinct upon discovering mold in your home may be to clean it up yourself. After all, it’s only natural to try to handle what appears to be a simple problem. If you don’t know a lot about mold, it looks like a cleanliness issue that you can deal with by grabbing a sponge and a cleaning chemical. For many of us, the cleaner of choice is bleach.

Can you kill mold with bleach?

You can kill anything with bleach, right? Actually, no. Bleach will kill mold on a non-porous surface such as tiles, counter tops and bathtubs but it will not kill all of the mold on porous materials like sheetrock or wood. The molecules in bleach are too large to penetrate the surface and kill the roots. Newer more environmentally friendly products made up of smaller molecules  are better suited for the job. Also, when using bleach you are inhaling chemical fumes and getting no long-term benefit.

Another drawback of bleach is that it evaporates quickly. Fast evaporation means that it never comes into contact with all of the mold spores on a porous surface. The surface stays damp, and the colonies return, according to Scientific American. Because there is no contact, it can only be a temporary solution at best.

If bleach can’t get rid of mold, what can?

When cleaning up mold, it is essential that you take measures to prevent the spread of spores. Mold remediation professionals address this first before the cleaning process begins. They also take safety into account. Workers typically wear coveralls and respirators. While you can clean small amounts of mold from tile and other non-porous surfaces with borax, large jobs that involve porous materials will require the services of professional. A mold inspection, along with mold testing can identify the type of mold and the quantity of each type of mold present.  

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