Mold is not an uncommon problem. Not only is it a nuisance that can leave your home smelling unclean, but it can also be detrimental to your family’s health.  As a health risk, any sign of mold should be investigated by professionals. But do you know where to look for the signs? You may be surprised to learn the most common places where mold may be lurking in your home. 

Common Places Where Mold Grows

Behind the Refrigerator 

A refrigerator is a common place for mold to hide. The reason is pretty simple. Your refrigerator doesn’t get moved often, and a small amount of seepage isn’t uncommon. Thus, the damp, cool spaces underneath and behind the device are perfect spots for mold to thrive.


Windows tend to leak, and even if you aren’t dealing with regular leaks, a heavy storm can trap water between the wall and window. The dark, damp spot is a haven for mold spores that prefer these environments. Windows that don’t seal well, or have been installed for many years are most susceptible to mold, but even newer homes with new windows can accumulate mold. 

Shower Stalls 

An improperly installed and sealed shower stall is the perfect breeding ground for mold. The moisture that is common in bathrooms may not seem problematic, but over time it can promote mold growth. Check your shower stall regularly to ensure mold is not growing on the outer portions. Experts also suggest installing a bathroom fan to ensure moisture is being removed from the room efficiently. These small changes to your bathroom and bathroom routine can stunt mold growth, but regularly cleaning the area with bleach and keeping a watchful eye over the shower stall is the only way to deal with potential mold growth. 

Laundry Rooms 

Laundry rooms are humid, making them common places where mold grw. You’ve probably noticed that you can feel the difference in humidity between the laundry room and the rest of your home when the dryer is running. This is not uncommon, and most people don’t give it a second thought, but high humidity promotes mold growth. It is best to utilize a dehumidifier in these spaces to keep the moisture in the room low to stop mold from thriving in the area. 

Bio Pro Mold Inspection and Testing Can Help

Mold is a troublesome problem that may be stressing you and your family, but the good news is that there are ways to manage mold growth and banish it from your home. Remember that mold can be lurking in appliances and behind everyday items, so it is essential to deal with the problem promptly before it becomes a full-on crisis. Contact Bio Pro Mold Inspections and Testing to tackle the problem today!