You probably know that mold in any form can be dangerous for you and your family, but do you know the best ways to identify mold? This unwelcome fungus comes in a variety of colors ranging from light blue or white all the way to deep green or black, so it can be difficult to know for certain if mold has invaded your home. While no variety of mold is good for your home, some mold is more toxic than others. Knowing how to identify and get rid of mold can help keep your family healthy.

5 Ways to Identify Mold

1. It thrives in damp spaces

Mold needs moisture to survive. As a result, it is commonly found in damp places like the kitchen or bathroom. Shower stalls are a common place to find mold, as are crawl spaces. It can also show up in areas of your home that have flooded and under sinks.

2. It gives off an odor

Most mold gives off an unmistakable odor that’s musty and smells like mildew. Sometimes people notice the smell before they see the mold. If you can smell mold but aren’t sure where it is, look in damp areas of your home or building to see if you can track down the source. If you can’t locate the source, call in the professionals!

3. It’s colorful

Different types of mold show up in different colors. Black mold can have a dark-greenish or even grey hue. Other types of mold can be pink, blue, green, or orange.

4. You might experience allergy symptoms

It’s common for people to show allergy-like symptoms when they are around mold, including sneezing, eye irritation, and coughing. More serious symptoms can also develop, including excessive fatigue, headaches, and fever. After prolonged exposure, you could experience more severe symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and bleeding in your nose or lungs.

5. It has a slimy or fuzzy texture

Mold can appear in clusters and sometimes has a slimy appearance, especially when it is still damp. Blue or green mold can be fuzzy and will often show up on carpets and wallpaper.

If you suspect you have any type of mold in your home, call Bio Pro Mold Inspection and Testing to get your home tested today!